Culinary Arts 2


Read the article - Family Food Traditions -

Family Food Traditions - Teton Family Magazine Rebuilding a Culture

Now is a great time to call a relative or speak with your parent(s)/ guardian(s) about a traditional dessert or baked good (bread) family recipe. 

Please take a photo of the recipe or type it on a Google Doc. 

Please submit the Google Doc or a Photo to Mrs. Fondren via email

2. Make A Dessert

Make a dessert food item from scratch and write a 3-5 sentence reflection over your recipe. Post on google classroom or share with Mrs. Fondren via email. 

3. Dessert/Baked Good Review

Complete the following activities on the Companion Website -

Desserts and Baked Goods - Pearson Education No Frames Version Desserts and Baked Goods . Site Navigation; Navigation for Desserts and Baked Goods

1. 5 Star Restaurant - Desserts 1 & 2, Principles of the Bakeshop, and Quick Breads
2. Mise en Place - Assembling Pies, Flours, Pastry Dough, Quick breads Troubleshooting, Stages of Cooked Sugar, Tarts and Tortes, Troubleshooting Cakes, Troubleshooting Yeast Breads
3. Crossword Puzzle