culinary challenge

All Culinary Arts Students ... AND anyone else who wants to do this just for fun:

It's a Challenge! Ramen Challenge:

  1. Go to your pantry (or wherever you store most of your canned goods/dry goods).
  2. Select a bag of instant Ramen Noodles. Take a picture. Insert it here.
  3. Using other ingredients available at your house, create a nontraditional version of Ramen. Note that just making it without the “broth” or making with just the broth is not changing it. We all eat it that way. Adding hot sauce and butter is not changing it though it’s delicious. 
  4. Take photos of you cooking said dish.
  5. Write down a quick recipe/guide of your dish so that someone could recreate it. 
  6. Make sure to make it appealing and take a picture to show your presentation. 
  7. Serve it to your family/quarantined partners/ friends. Take a picture of someone else eating your dish.
  8. Have your family complete the questionnaire and email it to me along with any pictures - you never know who will be featured on the school website and social media pages!

Student’s Evaluation: 

 Was the final result satisfactory? Rate 1-10


Did the family enjoy the food prepared? Explain why or why not. 


What would you have done differently the next time you prepared this recipe? 


Parent/Guardian/Peer Evaluation: (Yes or No) 

Did the student make this recipe by him/herself?


Was the product satisfactorily prepared? 


Did the student clean up by him/herself?


Any questions or comments: 



Thank you ~ Mrs. Fondren (