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Optional Online Learning for CCHS—HIGH SCHOOL

Choctaw County High School is providing opportunities for our students to complete OPTIONAL online assignments and OPTIONAL activities while the students are out of school. Below, you will find a list of teachers and the activity/assignment. The students should know how to get into the websites listed, and they should know their passwords. If you have an issue, please let us know. Many teachers are available by email or through apps such as Remind. However, if you have ANY questions, please feel free to email the school at helpcchs@choctawsd.ms.

Also, if you have questions or concerns about transcripts, scheduling for next year, scholarships, grades, etc. please contact us at helpcchs@choctawsd.ms.

If students do not have access to internet, please read with them daily, play board games, complete activities outside, or just encourage them to keep a journal of their daily activities. We may have more hard copy packets available at a later date.

We miss you all! Please stay healthy and make smart decisions. Most of all ENJOY YOUR FAMILY and Keep Charging Forward!


Optional Assignment

Ms. Mariann Beals

Technical Writing log in to Google Classroom 

Coach Brown

Health Classes Remediation Practice...

  1.  Draw and label the Health Triangle
  2.  List steps you can take to promote each side of your Health Triangle
  3.  Can you remember the Health Continuum and where would you plot your health on it at this point?

Employability Skills Class:

  •  Look up the Bureau of Labor Statistics website
  • Click on Occupational Outlook Handbook
  • Browse potential jobs in Healthcare...Look for Entry-level Education, Pay scale, Job Summary
  • You may find a potential career in this area!!!

ALSO—Log in to Clever for Newsela articles

Ms. Cade

Chemistry Supplemental Work

Students can complete interactive simulations at phet.colorado.edu  After selecting simulations, they should pick chemistry from the drop down menu.  They can choose to complete the following activities:  Build an Atom, Isotopes and Atomic Mass, and Molecular Shapes. Students can also go to http://mpb.pbslearningmedia.org and search Crash Course Chemistry.  They can choose to watch any of the following videos:  The Electron, The Nucleus, Orbitals, The History of Atomic Chemistry, The Periodic Table, Unit Conversions & Significant Figures, The Creation of Chemistry, Types of Chemical Bonds, Polar & Non-polar Molecules, and Bonding Models & Lewis Structures.  


Physical Science Supplemental Work

Students can complete interactive simulations at phet.colorado.edu.  After selecting simulations, they should pick physics from the drop down menu.  They can choose to complete the following activities:  Forces and Motion Basics, Balancing Act, and Energy Skate Park Basics.  Students can also go to http://mpb.pbslearningmedia.org.  After selecting subjects, they should pick physical science from the drop down menu.  They can choose to watch any video for grade level 10-12.  They can also select Instrumentation, Measurement, and Units and choose any video for grade level 10-12.  

Mr. Dobbs

Sending out info on Remind

Ms. Dodds

Log in to Clever

Coach Fancher

Work on remediation in all your classes

Ms. Harris

Log in to Google Classroom

Remind Messages are coming your way!

Ms. Alison Hulett

Look for messages on Remind

Work in Stemscopes!

Coach Jewell

Log in to Google Classroom

Ms. Lawrence

Log In to your Jumpstart accounts and access reading and English. There’s also math and science there to work.

Extra ACT practice here: https://www.kaptest.com/act/fr...

Ms. McDonald

Do assignments on MobyMax

Ms. McLendon


Ms. Miller

Look at your Google Classroom

Ms. Moulds

Your teacher will be contacting you for your work!

Ms. Perkins

Your teacher will send you info through the Remind App

Mr. Pilgrim


Trig Remediation:  Complete Trig Ratios Assignments that are attached along with the answers.  Resources available are https://www.onlinemathlearning.com/trigonometric-ratio.html and https://www.khanacademy.org/math/geometry/hs-geo-trig/hs-geo-trig-ratios-intro/v/basic-trigonometry


Mr. Ramer

Log in to Newsela—USE CLEVER

Coach Roberts

Log in to Google Classroom

Codes are listed below:

My Mississippi Studies code:   roggtci

My World Geo code:  w5giebq

Ms. Romedy

Work on remediation in all your classes

Ms. Shaw

Assignments are posted in Google Classroom

Ms. Shows

Assignments are posted in Google Classroom

Ms. Shumaker

Family and Consumer Sciences students may continue: 

Banzai Financial Literacy

Career Prep in EduTyping


Ms. Stevens

Assignments are posted in Google Classroom

Coach Talley

Here is a link where students who have not taken their permit test can go and take permit practice tests.


Coach Telano

Students can do a 10 minute stretching exercise in their own home. Also, depending on weather:  a 15 minute walk and or jog depending on areas they can be outside wothout either leaving their own property or have a parent or guardian with them.  For those that have access to a treadmill can perform these exercises as well.

Ms. Amanda Vowell

Assignments are posted on Google Classroom

Also, see the following…

  1. Continue with two NewsELA articles per week.
  2. Incorporate Common Lit supplements weekly to keep their analytic, inference, figurative language, and comprehension skills fresh.
  3. Continue with the students' journal entries focused solely on the current pandemic, its effect on them, their families, their emotions, and their daily routines/lives around them. How is the pandemic affecting them on a day-to-day basis.  Recording these things in their journals will help them focus on their emotions and how to express those in their writing.
  4. Utilize ELS once weekly for remediation on grammar, figurative language, analytical skills, inference, and comprehension.
  5. The students all have work packets at home in their binders with lessons on base/root words, suffixes, prefixes, and word meanings.  I would like them to continue these as we had previously initiated these in class.
  6. Utilize their Mirrors and Windows Grammar and Style Workbooks that they have at home to supplement/remediate concepts we have already gone over with handouts/textbook lessons in previous class.

Coach Vowell

Look on your Google Classroom for assignments.

Econ—Send your Product Projects in to Coach Vowell.

ALL—Complete Newsela assignments

Mr. Derreck Wood

Join the Remind App


Week One : March 23 – March 27—Use your Alg. 2 Book

Pg. 15 #10-40

Pg. 22 #10-19

Pg. 23 #30-44

Pg. 30 #10-25

Pg. 31 #33-44


Coach Worrell


Earth Science:

Week 1 - research an Earth Science related career through ONET; find salary, required education, skills needed, etc.


CCR: each week will have a life lesson that they get their parents to help teach them

Week 1 - make sure FAFSA/state aid is complete; cook a meal